Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Tsugihagi Sandoku" English Arrangements

Song & Lyrics by: MachigeritaP
English arrangement: Gimmick

Gathering up some strings,
threading them through the rusty eye.
The constant scratching noise
reaches over to my ears.

In a little picture frame with cloth I filled with memories.
Just the two of us, sitting there inside, with our own thinning faces

The dolly I once held up to dry my tears
Now is just a piece of cloth with worn down patches.
She has lost an arm and both button eyes

Please, mommy, patch her up and maker her good as new!

Sitting alone in a very tiny room,
Having a chat with my dearest dolly.

"You're the most depressing child, since you never seem to smile," said to me, my dear on mommy.

Having a quiet supper all my myself
Sharing my meal with my dearest dolly.

(A) single cold dried pieace of bread,
with a side of my own face reflecting in a bowl of very red tomato soup.

Singing softly in whispers
La, la, la, the voice has sang
In an icy cold room
Faintly the sound rang around me
In the middle there, I sat
As the voices disappeared in my head!

Lonely, isn't?
Lonely, yes, indeed.

Every single thing around me starts to rot away.

Sitting alone in a very tiny room,
Having a chat with my dearest dolly.

"You may trust me when I tell you, that you're not a naughty child," said to me, my dear own dolly!

Having a quiet supper all by myself,
Sharing my meal with my dearest dolly.

(A) single cold large piece of meat served on a silver plate with darkly colored red jelly.

In a story book I once used to read,
There was a picture of a happy family.
How is it that my own world can be so much different from the world of magic & fantasy?

Plunging all the love that's left inside of me
Into a piece of sadness held in my right hand.

Somewhere in this quiet room a single piece of my own mommy sat on silver plate,
As she just stared up at me.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UTAUカバー】サウダージ【Pumpking the Testloid】

Someone named 渦音P has used Pumpking and few other non-human UTAU for Porno Graffiti cover.

I'm very happy. I didn't think anyone on NicoDouga would want to use Pumpking. I really love this band, and I also love the other UTAUs used for the chorus. Also the art is way too adorable!

Thank you, 渦音P! (Not that they can see me)



Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pumpking the Testloid Voice Bank

I finally finished the first edition for Pumpking's voice bank. Since I tried making my voice sound deeper than it really is, a lot of the sounds are off, and every one of them has noise issues. However, it would make me very happy if you decided to play around with his voice bank.


If you ever make him sing, talk, or have drawn any pictures of him, let me know. I would love to see what you've done with him!

Please don't hesitate to leave any comments and questions, too. Thank you.

*Youtube:"1925" Cover by Pumpking

パンプキング ザ テストロイド 音源配布リンク: